Top 10 places to visit in Valencia, Spain

Ciudad de Las Artes y de Las Ciencias.

Ciudad de Las Artes y de Las Ciencias
Ciudad de Las Artes y de Las Ciencias

There you’ll find:

1. Oceanografic – worth visiting, the best part is dolphin show. Normally overcrowded, so reserving tickets online might be a good idea.

Oceanographic - the best part is dolphin show
Oceanographic – the best part is dolphin show

2. Hemispheric – cinema where movie is projected on the sphere. Another (better?) way to make 3D effects. Normally there are colorful movies about nature life.

3. Museum of Science – if you short in time or if you visited something similar in Germany or France you might skip this option, but if you have 1 day, you can buy a combined ticket to visit this museum too.

4. Former “Turia River” now 7 km park. Rent a bike or just walk!

5. Bioparc. It is not another zoo! Make sure you have enough free space on your flash-card.

Bioparc in Valencia
Bioparc in Valencia

6. Former silk exchange market (La Lonja de la Seda) is UNESCO list and is just opposite to the main market (Mercado Central), for some reason not promoted much, but really nice place. You won’t need more than 20 minutes there.

Silk exchange market
Silk exchange market

7. Centro Cultural Bancaja (Plaze Tetuan 23) – search for the current exposition, its great exhibition place. There is also IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern).

IVAM (Institut Valencià d'Art Modern)
IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern)

two more typical touristic places:

8. Central market

9. Cathedral of Valencia – if seen from the top the Latin cross shape of cathedral can be seen.  Holy Grail (according to some of Christian historians) can be seen in one of the cathedral’s chapels.

10. Albufera is about 20 minutes drive from Valencia. Do a boat trip there – you need to drive to Palmar.

Boat trip in Albufera
Boat trip in Albufera

General tips:

  • Rent a bike – there are short term (7 days) and long term options. Ask in TouristInfo for the map of the bike stations, it will be easier to locate them in the future;
  • For hotel select something near center or near Ciudad de Las Artes y de Las Ciencias; Metro near your location is a big advantage. There are more connections with bus, but for first visit buses are not easy thing to find and use.
  • Drive carefully especially on the circular crossroads – they are 4-6 lines and sometimes it is not clear where other drivers want to turn.