EuroOut – art galleries, exhibitions, events and just nice places across Europe

There are a lot of nice exhibitions, art galleries and other events that are not promoted much, but still worth visiting and sharing with your friends.

This web-site was created as an afford to bring together people who are willing to share information about events in art or just interesting events and places across Europe.

Here are few simple ideas behind this blog:

  • If you have visited some art event or just nice cafe and was impressed with something – share your thoughts here;
  • If you are looking for place to go – search tags according to your city here and share your impression in comments after your visit;

Some rules we all should follow:

  • Please, write main posts in English as we feel this web-site will be popular all over the Europe. If you don’t know English good enough, you can write comments to the post in your native language;
  • Tag your post with city and country, so it would be easier to find necessary posts in future;
  • Tag your post with category, e.g. “contemporary art”, “yacht show”, “art cafe”, so it would be easier to find posts you are interested in;
  • It would be great, if you could include some details, e.g. event full address, dates when the event is actual, entry fees, link to web-site with more information;
  • Please, don’t copy-paste text or graphics from other web-sites, share your own ideas in your own words. If needed, use quotation with backlink to original web-site; If you took some pictures yourself, feel free to post them here.
  • We reserve the right to decline certain topics; This web-site is focused on how to spend free time, so please, don’t post here buy\sell information;

We run this web-site as non-profit, e.g. money generated with advertisement or something else, will be invested in web-site with afford to make it a better place with more readers and authors.

Some posting rules

  • Use anchored text in links, this is anchored link, e.g. link which is set to some text, in this way you will be able to give some kind of SEO promotion to the web-site you are linking to
  • Don’t use “hard brakes”, e.g. line should be wrapped naturally when the text rich the end of the text box, not by pressing “Enter”
  • Don’t forget to use category 🙂
  • In tags, if possible, highlight the location of the event, e.g. city or country
  • In the future your post might be printed out and used as a guide to some place, so using more details and making post print-friendly is a good idea