10 ideas to travel by air for less by EuroOut.com

  1. Choose your tickets provider. Your time is valuable. I believe that the most valuable thing is actually your time. So find good provider of air-tickets that gives you plain and easy to use interface. I personally use  SkyScanner. In both you can book tickets with different start and return points, choose plain change time needed and so on.
  2. If 2 or more persons are traveling try find ticket for one person first and then for the second person. In this case you might have the first ticket at discounted price and the second for the normal price, rather than having both for high price.
  3. Play with destination and starting airports, especially if you know location. For instance, flight from Prague might be expensive, but you can catch a bus to Vienna for 15 EUR (with WIFI on board) and save more than 100 EUR having flight from Vienna airport.
  4. Few years back 2-way ticket was always a better option, no you might save if you will buy two one-direction tickets instead.
  5. Collect your miles even if you flight just one time a year. You don’t have to have a card before flying, most bonus programs allow you to sign-up with bonus program later and claim your miles later.
  6. Check an official web-site of air-company. You won’t find there better prices, but sometimes you will have some free bonuses such as free airport parking for a one week if you will register with their own system.
  7. Direct flights are usually more expensive, but do you really need a direct flight? Why not get a flight with stop in Rome for 12 hours? You will have enough time to enjoy city.
  8. As I’ve mentioned before, your time is the most valuable thing. If you travel for just 2-3 days you won’t need a lot of things with you. Pack them into small suitcase and you will save at least 30 minutes before and after the flight. Check security requirements carefully, normally you are limited in volume of liquids and you will need to put them  in a transparent plastic bag.
  9. Your travel costs include not just air-tickets, but transfer to the airport. In your home-country you know for sure how to call cheapest taxi, you might ask locals for the same information in your destination (normally taxi in the airport is the most expensive one, so booking taxi in advance will help a lot). And for sure choose your hotel wisely so that you might not need taxi at all. For instance, in Barcelona you don’t need taxi if your hotel is in Plaza de Espana as there is a direct bus from airport.
  10. Invoice in your name and currency. When I do business trips I like companies that create invoice in my local currency. It is easier for my accountant manage all this documents.


  • Search in your favorite booking system to get an idea about price range
  • Try to buy separate tickets for TO and FROM direction
  • If 2 persons are traveling, try to get prices for the one person first, it might be cheaper than buying ticket for 2 at once

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