WizzAir – NEVER use this company even if the flight cost 2 times less

Just experienced myself all “benefits” of flying with WizzAir. I was writing about hidden fees before, but in practice it appeared to be just a beginning…

On our way from Barcelona to Prague we have cabin luggage that we’ve paid for + laptop and lady’s handbag. Everything was checked and approved by Wizz Air representative. Flight to Prague was fine.

We did some shopping in Prague, so decided to buy additional checked-in luggage in order not to risk about over-weighting. After waiting for about 1 hour until check-in will be opened, we finally passed to the check in desk and company representative weighted our cabin luggage and checked in big bag.

5 minutes before boarding when everyone was waiting to get to the bus another representative approached (his name and id was reported to Wizz Air) and explained that we have to pay for small bags that we have with us too. Asking why we were not informed about this on check-in or why we flew with this very luggage before with this very company had no effect. Finally we had to pay 3240 czk (129 euro) more! (Wow! Great business for them).

After arriving to the plane we were informed that now our normal cabin luggage cannot be taken with us – some label appeared on our bags telling flight assistants that this luggage should be carried in luggage department. Flight assistant told that we will see our luggage on the belt together with other luggage… I hope we do, and I hope all valuables will be inside.

In the end I’d like to repeat my final conclusion that my personal opinion about Wizz Air is “never again” because of many hidden fees and inappropriate luggage policies enforcing. I’ve submitted claim about last flight and I’ll be happy to update this post once I’ll get any answer from Wizz Air (hope it was some misunderstanding, not their common business practice).