About Author


My name is Alex Savkin. When I’m not running a software business, I dedicate my time to traveling and exploring interesting places. I was born in Russia, and for about 7 years I lived in Europe, mostly in Prague, Czech Republic and Barcelona, Spain.

EuroOut.com AuthorI was always happy to share travel tips with my friends, and one day I found that it is much easier to share travel experiences when you write about it in a blog.

I’m not writing classical guides and I don’t have an intention to substitute Lonely Planet or another guidebook (I have one when I need to travel for a longer time). What I’m always trying to do is to answer questions that my friends ask:

  • “What can I see in one day in Zürich?”
  • “Should I buy a vignette in Hungary?”
  • “Recommend to me a non-touristic restaurant in Barcelona!”
  • “What bus company did you use in Peru?”
  • “Did you enjoy India?”
  • “Where can I taste cava and wine in Barcelona?”
  • “What was the name of the hotel that you told me about?”
  • “Can you recommend a modern art gallery in Prague?”

I thought that, if it was interesting for one person, then there might be people looking for the same information. Why not publish it online, adding some of my pictures and giving useful links where possible! Moreover, if I visit some place again I already have useful records about a previous trip.


As you might have noticed I like to add pictures to the posts. I remember one of the first posts was really an informative guide, but it was not catching any attention. One of my friends advised me to add some pictures as pictures tell the story.

In most cases I prefer to use photos taken by me. They vary in format and quality because I might use any device that I have available. A Samsung Galaxy smart phone helps to capture interesting moments whenever they occur. With a Canon 450D camera I can take shots of higher quality.

Traveling by car

In some of my posts I give an advice for drivers. I know how hard is sometimes to find hotel with good parking (not one that you should pay 30 EUR/day) or problems that you might have if you missed the “Buy Vignette” sign. When possible I’m sharing my preferred car routes across Europe.

Traveling format

When I travel for business I prefer to add 2-3 days to explore the city. In this case I’m the sole traveler and having a clean hotel room with WiFi is what I need. When it comes to a family journey, our Pomeranian puppy accompanies us, so the hotels we choose must be pets-friendly as well.


What good is a trip without a good hotel? Before going somewhere I do a basic research for a hotel. People say I’m good at it, and I’ve shared my tips on hotel search. I’m trying to add information about accommodation that I liked and I do recommend only hotels where I stayed personally.