Travel by car in Europe – Paying Road Toll

Before entering European country it is important to check, if there are paid roads there and what kind of payment should be made. While in Spain and in France there are payment points right on the highways, in other countries such as Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria driver is supposed to buy a special sticker, usually called Vignette.

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Some tips:

  • Germany in the centers of main cities you will need a special CO2 Ecology Card (Umwelt Plakette). For more information check the map of zones at official site, in short green Umwelt Plakette is “the best” as it allows parking in center (just allows, you will still need to pay for paid parking). You can order this “Plakette” via Internet (seems to cost about 20 EURO) or you can drive into gas station and they will help you to find the local technical shop where the Plakette is for sale (costs about 6 EURO). Most likely in your home country it is also possible to get Plakette, for instance, for Czech Republic use first google results.
  • Denmark: roads are free, but some bridges are paid, if you travel from Germany, check the beginning of this post.
  • Roads are free for “normal” (not trucks) autos: Netherlands, Germany
  • In Czech Republic Vignette is known as “znamka”, it is for sale in post offices and on gas stations
  • Remember to tell at the shop what car are you driving (for cars heavier than 3.5 tons the price is higher)
  • In Hungary the Vignette is fully electronic now, meaning you will be asked to write down the plate number of the car when buying Vignette and you will not have any sticker.
  • In Switzerland you will have a Vignette for a year, for about 30 Euro (I’m not sure about exact price).
  • When crossing border pay attention to the signs with “Vignette”, typically, you will see this signs together with gas-station sign before and after the border.
  • Read carefully, instruction on Vignette when you buy it for a first time, for instance, in Hungary, the Vignette is fully electronic, but you still need to keep receipt (with your car plate number) for some period.

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