Things you should pay attention to when travelling with WizzAir

If you travel a lot in Europe you know about WizzAir. They often offer good rates, but there are a lot of hidden fees that first-time traveler will see only on check-in:

  • Cabin luggage – Wizzair have a new policy so that normal cabin luggage is no cost 10 EUR each way. You can still take with you some smaller bag for free.
  • If you don’t have EU passport, then you will need to contact WizzAir upon arrival to the airport before passing security check (even if you don’t have checked-in luggage).
  • You won’t have a seat assigned 🙂 you can have one but you will need to pay more for this.
  • You’ll pay additional fee for airport check-in (so check-in online). You’ll pay for checked-in luggage as well.
  • You’ll have to pay additional fee if you will pay with bank cards.

Conclusion: if you have 1-2 day trip, WizzAir might be a good option, but you’ll have to read all their “small-font-comments” carefully. If you plan longer stay, compare their prices (+luggage) with prices of normal airlines.

  • My Advice personal opinion about WizzAir is “NEVER AGAIN” was explained in this post.