Smart hotel booking tips

Below you will find suggested approach for finding better options on booking. But before I’d like to focus on details that don’t depend on booking system and should be taken into account.

Pay attention to:

  • Cancellation conditions e.g. in what time period you can cancel reservation for free.
  • Parking. Sometimes they write that there is a parking, but it is not hotel’s parking, so you’ll need to walk, sometimes it can be 5 minutes walk, so choose hotels with private parking if possible.
  • Breakfast. If you don’t have tough schedule, you’d probably prefer go out in the morning and take a breakfast in the city center, for sure this works if your hotel is in the center and you leave about 9-10 a.m.
  • Wifi – it should be free of charge.
  • Reception hours especially in France, reception might close 8 p.m. and you won’t be able to check-in.
  • Location most likely won’t don’t want to drive, so make sure public transport is available and is near the hotel. Buying tickets might be a problem, as some machines take only coins.
  • How to save: good idea might be booking hotel that is far from the city center, but has good transport connections. You might need to take tram or local train, but you will save a lot. Not an option if you’d like to go out this night.

Book hotel with

How to reserve hotel with

How to book with

  • 1. Go to the booking web-site
  • 2. Enter name of the city and travel dates
  • 3. Specify your requirements such as parking, internet, price range (I normally, set the parking and internet requirements first, then set requirement for “stars” and then select the cheapest option within category)
  • 4.Then choose an option to show the map
  • 5. Book the best hotel according to reviews which is near the city center or have good public transport access


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