TripIt – online service that helps to plan your trip

TripIt - plan trip online with TripItIt seems we need a new category – gadgets – software and tools that help to make your trip better.

The service to be reviewed today is TripIt, in short what they do:

  • You send to special email address all reservations you have (including hotel, plane reservation, car rent);
  • The service automatically parse that information and get it into your online account;
  • What benefits? I have not tried it myself yet, but at glance: they are putting all the data on one page, they will show you weather conditions for the places you go, they will show you some important information (not sure what exactly), the service will allow to share this travel plan with your friends or family and finally, using their system you can collaborate with colleagues and plan trip together.

For those who like IT gadgets – you should try it! Some reviews are in PC Words and NY Times. Po