Software and apps to have with you when travelling

One who travel a lot have to be prepared.

Laptop, tablet, smart phone

It is wise to choose what you have with you according to the country where you are going and the style of your trip. My experience shows:

  • Car trips by Europe – fully equipped: laptop, tablet, smartphone.
  • India (backpacking) – just smartphone or better check your email in internet cafe. Laptop is too heavy and it is not easy to guard it over the night in the train.
  • Ecuador / Peru – just smartphone – again, laptop might be too heavy and not really helpful especially if you plan to spend time on tracking or in jungle.  Some countries in South America still have problems with road crime and it is better to have less with you, especially if bus connections are included.

Generally smartphone is small enough to keep in pocket and to solve your daily needs when you travel.

+1 must have – MP3 player – iPod or something on your smartphone or even better some cheap from – if you take long flights you will need it.

Software and applications

Must have tools:

  • Dropbox to have access to all your files
  • EverNote to put down ideas, take pictures faster
  • MapFactor: GPS Navigation – has more maps than iGo or other popular GPS.
  • Gmail configured on your smartphone
  • Google Maps on your smartphone to find the way back hotel
  • Some widget to display weather reports – I now like widget by “Gismeteo” (for Android) that you can configure to display weather in cities on your way.
  • Music recognition app like Soundhound to find out what is the nice song playing right now in restaurant.
  • Calculator or currency converter app, I suppose you can divide or multiply in your mind, so just for a case.
  • Dictionary – you won’t have time to use it, but again, just for a case

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