Spending summer in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a great place to spend few month in the summer. You can find different options and activities.

If you prefer mountains then check out the most popular resort – Krkonose, about 2 hours driving from Prague (in the winter) and about 1.5 in the summer.

Summer houses

Some tourists prefer to rent house for the summer. The house of this type (for the summer recreation and not only for the summer) are called “chata” in Czech, this will help you to google.

There are a number of websites that allows you to find the summer recreation houses. Most are in Czech as are focused on internal tourist market and be ready that some owners won’t be fluent in English, but finally you will find someone speaking at least German or English.

Try using this website: http://www.chatatour.com/en/pronajem-chaty-a-chalupy-katalog.php I like it as there a filter according to activities that you can do in the region.

Price and better opions

Prices depend on location and quality. For example nice house n Orlik cost 524 EUR per week (checked in April 2013). While this location (Orlik) is really nice place, I think it is overpriced and if you will ask your Czech-speaking friend to arrange you something less expensive, he or she will do it with successes.

Unfortunately renting houses in Czech Republic is not so popular as in Spain, so they are a little bit overpriced, but situation changes dramatically. As an option you can get a great pension in the country side for less.

Relocation for longer time. 

If you want to relocate for longer time you probably need to find accommodation using this website – http://www.sreality.cz/ – but it is in Czech and most people won’t speak English. Also, you can try http://www.bezrealitky.cz/ for direct deals from property owners.

These websites are the most popular real estate resources in Czech Republic and are used to buy or rent property. They are not optimized for tourist, so if you don’t speak Czech you’ll need some help, but checking out prices, options and locations is a good idea.

If you plan to rent something with real estate agency (called “realitní kancelář” in Czech or simply “realitka”) be prepared to pay commission equal to 1 month of the stay + deposits of 2 months stay.

Europeans don’t need visa to enter Czech Republic, but when staying in Czech Republic for a longer time Europeans need to register in foreigner policy.

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